How to make my business efficient

Many business owners struggle with the sheer challenge of just getting everything done which can be overcome by defining top priorities. Deciding which tasks are most critical to your business will give you a guideline of what to focus on but it’s also important to identify the time wasters such as:

  • Influx of emails or your productivity constantly being interrupted by new email messages.
  • Reading social media updates.
  • Reading interesting blogs that are not directly related to you core business
  • Inefficient processes, such as looking for files and searching for passwords

Some strategies for running an efficient business include:

  • Make sure employees know the larger context so that they can make better decisions and better prioritise.
  • Eliminate confusion within the team, when there’s lots of confusion everyone wonders what will happen next. Create a list of steps needed to reach the goal.
  • Clearly define responsibilities


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