How to manage employees

All business owners want to improve employee productivity, but examining their own management practices could be a means of attaining it. The essence of effective leadership is through introducing a desire for your team to improve while motivating them to consistently perform as well as cultivating loyalty. Some simple strategies include:

  • Create economic incentives that all employees can benefit from.
  • Communicate intelligently; barking orders creates unmotivated, antagonized staff.
  • Respect employees as individuals as well as the job they do.
  • Provide meaningful, constructive feedback on a regular basis.
  • Accepting responsibility; if you make a mistake, own up to it.
  • Be sure all staff receive adequate training.
  • Ensure support is provided for employees when it’s needed.
  • Deal with confrontation; from it’s confronting lagging performance to inter-office disputes, try to set limits and maintain a harmonious working environment.
  • Know when to speak up; show enthusiasm for your ideas and point to your track record as a leader and you should have your staff trusting in your abilities.
  • Maintaining an awareness of office politics will assist you in knowing if it’s appropriate to interject your point of view, and when.
  • Encourage an “open door policy” so that your employees feel enabled to speak up in meetings with you or inform you when there are team issues.

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