Is it time to implement a proven marketing strategy into your business?

You know this program is right for you if…

1. Marketing isn’t your forte.

Over the years the growth of marketing has been rapid and, often at times, hard to keep up with. We understand it’s been difficult but now it’s time to embrace what marketing can do for your business!

2. You’re business isn’t going where you want it to.

You may have a great product, outstanding customer service and a semi-steady flowof repeat customers, but at the end of each year the numbers look the same, your business has stalled. In order to boost sales and generate leads you have to create value for your customers by demonstrating what your business can do for them.

3. You feel like you’re shouting into the ether and no one is listening.

We live in a very busy and noisy world. Which is why it’s so important to go to your customers, instead of thinking they’ll come to you. While you may be producing great promotional material, it could be using the wrong strategy or on the wrong marketing platform

Sound familiar?

If your business has been struggling to utilize marketing to improve profits, and you’re looking for a simple, straightforward way to take things to the next level, our Marketing Master Class is exactly what you’ve been looking for! Combining both online and offline marketing strategies you can create marketing that works when you

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The Marketing@Delta strategic Online course has been designed to cover all of your Online marketing needs. Covering content from social media networks, website and database marketing, the Online Marketing Master Class will give you confidence in your marketing. Your Online Marketing Master Class includes:

Fortnightly Webinars

To take you on a journey covering all of your vital marketing needs. By allocating 1 hour each month you will gain the knowledge on how to make the most out of your time and your money.

Interactive E-Learning Platform

We offer self-paced teaching of the highest standard. With various badges and certificates to acquire, you and your team can be sure you are ready to market your business with confidence. Covering all the major marketing channels together with bespoke courses, this is key part of your businesses growth in the online world.

Proven Online Strategies

From all the major all the major social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, we teach you how to connect and engage with your target markets to drive leads to your business.

Quality Support

We are here to ensure you have the help you need at hand, whatever your marketing needs. Telephone and email support are available together with direct shared screen support.


Your Online Marketing Master Class is a program tailored to you and your business. After a Business Analysis session we determine your marketing needs and structure your program to tackle all of your important strategies first.

Here are just some of the topics that will be covered in your 12 month

Getting Your Marketing Off the Ground:
• How to Build on your Current Marketing
• A Solid Social Strategy for Your Business
• Own a Strategy to Target Your Niche Markets
• Understanding your Numbers
• Value Campaigns- Giving Back to your Audience

Social Media Marketing:
• Grow and Engage with your Social Networks
• How to Generate Leads Through engaging Posts
• Using Social Media Tools to Benefit your Time and Money
• YouTube-Implement a Low Cost Strategy
• Leveraging Your Networks
• Converting Techniques that Work

Online Marketing:
• Email Strategy and How to Build A Powerful ‘Targeted’ Database
• Making the Most of Lead Magnets
• Content Marketing and Making the Most from your Blogs
• Understanding the Basics of Search Engine Optimization- SEO
• The Front Door of Your Business- Your Website

The Next Year Ahead:
• Planning your Online Strategy for 2017
• Preparing you Campaigns

What is offline marketing?

Offline marketing, in it’s essence, is any type of promotion not conducted on the Internet. Which sounds pretty easy, but, truth be told, it isn’t. Marketing is thought to be one of the worlds oldest professions. Which means there are hundreds upon hundreds of offline marketing techniques out there. Here are just a
few examples:
• Networking
• Direct Mail
• Lumpy Mail
• Seminars
• Events
• Print Advertising
• Logo’s

The list is endless. So, how can you know for sure what is right for your business? That is why we are here. We created our offline marketing course to help business
owners, like yourself, figure out what strategies are going to work for them. Here is a brief run down of what your Offline Marketing Program includes:
• 12-month program focusing on offline marketing strategies for your business
• Alignment Session with the Marketing@Delta Team which involves a full business
analysis, development of offline marketing techniques and setting of goals, KPI’s
and milestones.
• Monthly Marketing Strategy Sessions that will further develop existing or new offline
techniques and analyses and evaluates previously implemented strategies to make
any changes to what benefits your business most.
• Monthly Implementation Sessions where the Marketing@Delta Team come to your
office to help you implement the strategies discussed in you sessions.


Branding is an important aspect of any business, we can help you create an effective brand strategy to give you more edge in increasingly competitive markets.

Unique Selling Position

A unique selling proposition (USP) defines your company’s unique position in the marketplace, we can help you identify and appeal to your target market.

Convert Leads to Customers

We can help you convert more leads into sales with some simple tips to follow.

System Management

Networking requires a time commitment and it doesn’t provide instant gratification, we can provide show you how to build a strong network.

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