To re-energize, inspire and educate business owners and executives for optimal performance and ultimate success.



Here at Delta, our goal in business is simple- to help you reach your goals.

Helping businesses succeed is the driving force behind the way we do business and we are incredibly proud of what we’ve helped our clients achieve.

Our values are the foundation on which we base our thinking and decision making.

At Delta, we value:

  • Relationships: building life-long relationships with our Clients, it is through their success that we become successful.
  • Excellence: giving everything our all, we believe excellence is a benchmark, not an aspiration.
  • Gratitude: for everything in our lives, including our challenges.
  • Success: which requires taking ownership, being responsible, and is directly related to the level at which we choose to compete.
  • Balance: of health, family, friends, business, and spirituality.
  • Fun!: Life is a journey to be


Meet the team

Paul Roach

Principal Business Coach

B Comm (Accounting) CPA CPIM

Who is Paul Roach?

I grew up in a family of business people and saw first hand the highs and lows of business ownership. After completing a Commerce Degree, I made a conscious decision to go into the corporate world and spent years working for some of the world’s biggest companies. Each career move I made after that saw me transition to smaller and smaller businesses.

A turning point for me was being head-hunted by a Consulting firm to work with small to medium businesses helping improve productivity, profitability and focus on strategy.  After buying, building and selling a number of businesses myself it was a logical transition that my next business would be into Business Coaching!

Here is some of what you might need to know about me:

I am a Coach That Gets Results

Throughout my years of experience, I have worked closely with hundreds of businesses in varying levels of need, from bringing businesses back from the brink of foreclosure to helping them grow exponentially. From ASX Listed companies down to small start-ups. I have seen it all.

In the past year alone, I have helped my Clients achieve double and triple digit growth in profitability, accomplished through improvements in sales, marketing, team, systems development and strategic planning. All of which where achieved while spending less time working in their business!

I am an Accomplished Professional

I have a strong business financial background. Understanding the key drivers of a business and what needs to change to make it more successful drives my Coaching performance.

Having also come from a family of business owners and being a business owner myself, I can relate on a personal level to the frustrations and thrill of owning your own business. I have seen first hand the hardships business owners and their families go through when their businesses fail, something I have vowed not to witness again!

I am Pretty Darn Smart and Determined

…but I don’t pretend to know it all. I have been extensively trained in the Business Coaching Arena and continue to invest in myself by always learning and searching for new and exciting ideas.

My wealth of experience, coupled with my Accounting Degree and CPA, has given me the tools, knowledge and resources to help my clients succeed.

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