Business Education Program

The Business Education Program is a 5 month program for business owners who are looking to set a solid foundation for a truly great business. A combination of 1-2-1 coaching and group learning sessions, it is a combination designed to deliver the fundamentals of business along with the accountability and individual guidance of 1-2-1 coaching.
The program includes:

  • 8 x 2.5 hour group learning sessions
  • 2 x coaching sessions (1 session before and 1 session after BEP workshops to set plan)
  • 2 x Quarterly Action Days
  • Templates & systems and complimentary books, DVD’s and Business Planning Toolkit

Do you want to build a business that works instead of just a job? Watch ActionCoach’s Brad Sugars video “Building a Business not a Job to find out what Business Education can help you to achieve.

Session 1: Sharpening Your Focus

The first group session to plan and set your goals, company’s vision and mission and you’ll learn how to build a great business from the base up.

Session 2: Knowing Your Numbers

Knowing your numbers leads to better business decisions. You will learn about managing cash and improving your cashflow.

Session 3: Profitable Growth

Learn the fastest ways to increase your business using Action’s 5 Ways mastery! You’ll work through your numbers and see how to improve.

Session 4: Streetwise Marketing

You will extract your own uniqueness, that which sets you apart from your competitors, and learn how to use it to get more of the customers you want.

Session 5: Making the Sale

You will learn about the different types of sales people and the difference between old selling and new! You will learn to understand the question funnel and how to handle objections.

Session 6: Outstanding Service

Learn how to keep your customers! You will learn about developing customer loyalty so your customers keep coming back… time after time because what you do is better than anyone else in your marketplace.

Session 7: Taming Chaos through Systems

Learn how to create systems that run your business to produce massive results. Learn how you can work on your business rather than in it. This session is the key to having a business that works without you as the key “worker”.

Session 8: Teams that Work

This session is about building the dream team you’ve always wanted and hoped for. Learn how to become a great leader, and how to inspire them each and every day. Learn how to recruit great people and lead them to create a business that works without you.

Business Owner Workshops

Work with your very own Business Coach and like-minded Business Owners in a workshop environment and learn to build the business you’ve always wanted.

Sharpen Your Focus

A Delta Business Coach can help you to help you to set goals and implement strategies to make the most of your time.

Profitable Growth

A Delta Business Coach can assist you in reading and understanding your financial statements to aid profitable growth with strong cash flows and healthy financial indicators.

Marketing Tips

Learn some inexpensive marketing tactics to start getting name recognition and educate people about your business.

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